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Play in a band, write your own music, understand music theory, play any song you want, and just be a bad ass on your instrument. That's what we teach you for guitar, bass, and drums in the style of metal and rock.

We've been playing this music for most of our lives and have played multiple concerts while putting out recordings of our own. We don't just teach music - we live music!

Every lesson is one on one and personalized for each and every student. There are no group classes. This allows you to learn at your own pace and skill level, as well as focus on what you are most interested in learning.

Guitar and Bass students will also receive video recaps e-mailed to them after each lesson so nothing is forgotten in between lessons.

We guarantee you will learn with us or you get your money back after your first month.

Mile High Shred - Blog

Small Guitar Stand - Big Convenience

by John Taylor on 10/15/14

I have some portable guitar stands from Re-AXE Products called Axe-Handlers. They have such a simple design yet provide me with such a huge convenience.
Being a guitar/bassteacher, I have to put my instrument down a lot when I'm moving around the room where I teach. I used to have to balance my guitar/bass in between some tables and hopefully not knock it over.
Where I sit in my office, I don't really have room to place a traditional guitar stand. With my Axe-Handler, I can place it on any flat surface. Having it on one of the tables that sits next me has provided a safe and reliable place to set my guitar/bass. I've even ran into my instrument a few times when it's been sitting in the Axe-Handler, and the portable stand was more than sturdy enough to prevent my instruments from taking a big spill.
Because of it's small size, it's awesome being able to put my Axe-Handler in my guitar case so I can have it available wherever I go.
I really think this is a must have for any guitar/bass player.
Check out some of these videos to see just how useful this product really is:


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