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about A lesson plan designed just for you. Learn the music you love. Work with teachers who have a passion for music and their instruments.
Be with a teacher who is always looking out for your best interest.
For those looking to learn rock and metal on guitar, bass, or drums in the Denver Metro area, this school is for you.

I, John Taylor, started the Dr. Hot Licks' School of Rock and Metal because I love music and wanted to make a career out of it.
Teaching people how to play music seemed like a great idea. Helping people is something I always found appealing, and now I can do that by teaching them music.
Music has been huge in my life, and has helped me through some of my most difficult times. I believe music can help you too.

You are unique, and deserve a unique learning experience. Everyone receives a different lesson plan designed specifically for them.
This means you learn at your pace, your skill level, your favorite songs, your style of music (we specialize in ROCK and METAL), anything you want.
Plus, you will receive a video recap of each lesson to make your learning experience even faster. (Sorry, no videos available for the drums)

Check out what some students had to say about their experience here:

Brent Boutte' (drum teacher) shares the same values and passion for music. I've played with a lot of drummers over the years and he's the best rock and metal drummer I've ever met.
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Lessons are booked a month at a time (4 - 5 lessons per month).
For 30 min. each week the cost is $115 per month.
For 60 min. each week the cost is $185 per month.
You can buy months in bulk to save money. Please CLICK HERE for more information.
If you would only like one lesson the rates are
$30 for 30 min.
$50 for 60 min.
SKYPE lessons have a different rate. Please CICK HERE for more information.

If you have any questions or would like to get started please contact us at (720)588-3125 or through our sign up page by CLICKING HERE.

Dr. Hot Licks' School of Rock and Metal
3489 W 72nd Ave
Suite 205
Westminster, CO 80030

This school was awarded in 2012 and 2013 the title of "Best in Instrumental Music Instruction" by the Westminster Award Program. In 2014 this school was awarded the title of "Best Music School" by the Westminster Award Program.
John Taylor has twice broken the Guinness Record for the Fastest Guitarist.

Click on this image to check out a really awesome documentary in the making about an 80s band reuniting.
John Taylor has received the honor of being chosen to give the guitarist instruction.

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