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Mile High Shred

3489 W 72nd Ave
Suite 205
Westminster, CO 80030

Play in a band, write your own music, understand music theory, play any song you want, and just be a bad ass on your instrument. That's what we teach you for guitar, bass, and drums in the style of metal and rock.

We've been playing this music for most of our lives and have played multiple concerts while putting out recordings of our own. We don't just teach music - we live music!

Located in the Denver Metro area in Westminster, CO, every lesson we teach is one on one and personalized for each and every student. There are no group classes. This allows you to learn at your own pace and skill level, as well as focus on what you are most interested in learning.

Guitar and Bass students will also receive video recaps e-mailed to them after each lesson so nothing is forgotten in between lessons.

We guarantee you will learn with us or you get your money back after your first month.

Mile High Shred - Blog

Portable Guitar Stand

by John Taylor on 10/15/14

Looking for a new guitar stand that can fit right in your guitar case? Click here to check out a very portable stand that helps make my life as a guitar teacher much easier.

New and Odd Sounding Guitar Chords

by John Taylor on 10/15/14

Looking for some new guitar chords to try out? Suspended chords sound really cool to a lot of people. To learn about some new chords click here.

Encouraging Words and Practice Tips

by John Taylor on 10/02/14

Sometimes we can use some encouragement to help us in practicing our instrument. If you feel you could use a little help in learning your guitar, bass, or drums, click here to continue reading about 7 tips to make you a better musician.

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