Instructors John “Dr. Hot Licks” Taylor

John “Dr. Hot Licks” Taylor - Guitar and Bass Teacher

I have a serious passion for music. Music is my life, and I want to share that with everyone I can.

My musical background is primarily in rock and metal. The bands that had the biggest influence on me are Iron Maiden, Helloween, Slayer, and Morbid Angel. Yngwie Malmsteen is the guitarist who made me want to play as fast as I can. In my later years of playing I have been inspired by Opeth, Type O Negative, Norah Jones, Peppino D' Agostino, Summoning, etc. My current favorite guitarist is Buckethead.

I started teaching my first student back in 2001.

Throughout my musical career I have played live, recorded commercial music, recorded with bands I've been in and still am a part of, recorded my own solo work, and of course, taught several students.

On 5/27/11 I received verbal confirmation over the phone from Guinness World Records that they accepted my 600 BPM attempt as a new world record. (click here to see the video) In Hong Kong for the 2012 Rock the World New Years celebration at Olympian City Mall I had the honor and privilege of breaking my record in from of Guinness adjudicator, Craig Glenday.
to see some proof.

I have also been privileged to join the very talented guitar players who teach guitar on the online shred school, Shred Academy.

Here are some videos demonstrating guitar and bass material that can be covered:


Sik Pik
Colorado Public Radio
Warrior Cry Music Project
Monson Guitars
Re-Axe Products
Lace Pickups

Brent Boutte

Brent Boutte' - Drum Teacher

Inspired by Rock and Metal, I give drum instruction to like minded students in the Denver Metro area. Having shared interests with students is important to me. Music is paramount in my life, and I can't image life without it!

Our lessons are centered around you - the student. We want to help you achieve your personal goals. Whether it's learning your favorite song, live performance or setting world records, we are here to help you lay a foundation to build an empire.

Growing up in a household with drums gave me an advantage. My dad played drums which gave me the opportunity to learn at the early age of five. At age 14, I received my first drum kit from my dad. Shortly after receiving my first set of drums, I became a drum tech for local drummer. I learned a great amount about drumming, stage handling, performance, and more.

In 2009 I teamed up with some local musicians to form Suns of Sorath, a Progressive Black Metal band. later in 2011 I joined forces with the founder of Dr Hot Licks' School of Rock and Metal, John Taylor, to play drums for his solo project Locrian Mist.

In 2011, 2012, and 2013 I had the honor of being a judge for the Guitar Center Drum Off preliminaries in Westminster, Colorado.

I am influenced by drummers such as George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Gavin Harrison, Gene Hoglan, Tomas Haake, Mike Heller, Kai Hahto and Richard Christy. Some of my favorite bands are Opeth, Enslaved, Katatonia, Winstersun, Septicflesh, Porcupine Tree, and Blut Aus Nord.

Currently I am focused on live performances, studio recording, and of course, drum instruction.

Here is a video that offers a quick demonstration of what I can teach you:

Here is a list of what you'll find in the above video:
0:15 4/4
0:40 3/4
0:58 5/4
1:20 Triplets
1:34 Expanding on the Paradiddle
2:12 7/4 Marching Blast
2:30 Bomb Blast
2:38 Gravity Blast
2:47 Double Bass
3:12 Upbeats
3:52 Alternating Hand Blast
4:08 6 over 4 Poly-rhythm
4:22 Drum Wankery

Favorite Drummers:

George Kollias
Derek Roddy
Marco Minnemann
Gene Hoglan
Gavin Harrison
Richard Christy
Tomas Haake

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